Pigs-In-A-Blanket (Mini Hot Dogs)

Whether it's Super Bowl, a baseball game or even a cocktail party, little hot dogs are hands-down a favorite.  Nothing could be easier to make and the "sauce" for serving is simply your favorite mustard.

All it takes is a package of mini-hot dogs and a package of Pillsbury's seamless dough (find it next to the Crescent Rolls).  Open the hot dogs and drain on paper towels.  Open the package of dough, cut it in four and cut each fourth into narrow strips - a pastry wheel or pizza cutter makes quick work of this.

Stretch each strip slightly and wrap it around a hot dog.  Either bake at 375° for about 8 minutes or place on a wax-paper lined tray and freeze.  When hot dogs are frozen place in a plastic container.


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