Gray's Breakfast Sandwich

We visited our family in Vermont recently - a visit made even more special since our grandson, Gray, was home from college in Los Angeles. On the day we were leaving, he got up really early to make us his special breakfast sandwich. If you are a growing boy who surfs, rides a bicycle 4 miles each way to school every day, snowboards and is otherwise very active, you could probably eat this once or twice a week.

The rest of us will just have to enjoy it as on occasional special treat!

Gray's Breakfast Sandwich

Two servings
Two bagels, sliced
6 slices very sharp cheddar cheese, or enough to cover one half of a bagel
2 eggs, slightly beaten
3 slices bacon, cooked until crisp
6 slices ripe avocado

Place both halves on the bagel on a baking sheets and toast until done and cheese has melted.

Meantime, cook the eggs in the same skillet you cooked the bacon in, having drained the excess fat, in egg rings until just done. You may flip them over towards the end of cooking if desired.

Place the bagel halves on a serving dish, top the cheese half with the egg, bacon and avocado slices. Top with remaining bagel halves and enjoy!

If you want to zip this up a little, try adding a little hot sauce to the eggs before cooking or add a little salsa when you are assembling the sandwiches.

FitAnge S has made a comment on Gray's Breakfast Sandwich 

Yum that looks delicious. Great combination and great for low carb dieting with exception of the bread roll. Thanks for sharing

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