Betty Visits a Gourmet Eatery-The Truck Stop in Chester, New Jersey

Even the most avid cook likes a day off now and then and so it was with great interest that I watched a new "eatery" being created in The Streets of Chester shopping mall which is part of my morning walk route.

Chef Tommy Mongiello noticed my friend, Barbara, and me peeking in the door one morning and invited us in to show us what was going on.  We were so impressed by the concept that I asked Tommy If we could do a video - and here is the result!

           Chef Tommy Mongiello and Betty Bannerman Busciglio tour THE TRUCK STOP

  • 222bigmastiff 
    Great job uncle Tommy!!! Keep up the good work. Love Sophia.
  • 222bigmastiff 
     Great job Chef Tommy!!! The food looks delicious!!!! Much success in the future and keep on trucking!!!
  • johnsoutside 
    Fantastic video Betty, thanks for showing us around the truck stop. Hope you can do more of these videos, they really are superb. My only question is, how do you Americans live over 30 without heart surgery? Lots of love to you dearest Betty, greetings from Germany.
  • weeknightingale 
    Great video! I always enjoy going out with a tour of such places with recipe demos! Great idea for a food court. Better than actually visiting trucks like in Portland, Oregon.
  • FitAnge S 
    Very interesting. Looks like a great one stop place to eat.

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