Betty visits an English Butcher: Cockburn's of Bedale

During a recent trip to Yorkshire, England, we had the opportunity to visit Cockburn's in Bedale.  Much more than your average butcher shop, they offer an amazing variety of home-made pies, aged beef, locally sourced game, every cut of meat imaginable, and sausages. 

Not just ordinary pork sausages (although they are very good too) but 12 different varieties.  Everything from caremelized onion, honey mustard, Italian, black pudding, and on and on.  

We were invited to see Wayne Pearson - the master sausage maker - produce the specialty sausage of the day, and then we took some back and cooked them for dinner.

Watch the video:


  1. So interesting. I felt like I was standing right beside Betty in the shop. The meal looked great. Very interesting to see the fellow make the Italian sausage. So glad the video was approved by Annie.

  2. All your videos are great but this one is the best. Very enjoyable. I loved it!