French Macaron Question:

Q. In regard to your French Macaron article and video, I know in Scotland/England that recipes are given in grams. I don't think we have scales with that measurement on it. How about cups and spoons. Also, isn't macaroons spelled with an extra o or is this the French spelling.    R.R.

A. Macaron is the correct French spelling and most modern scales do have grams.  I debated about the measurements, but after a ton of research, this is the best.  Accuracy for this particular recipe is really crucial.

NOTE: Do not attempt to make on a humid day! Cookies may not maintain shape!

Click to read the recent New York Times article...."the Parisian macaron, two airy almond meringue cookies pressed around a creamy filling — not those tiny bombs of shredded coconut that, on our shores, answer to the name “macaroon.”

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