Q. What is the difference between English High tea and afternoon tea? ES

Afternoon Tea at NYC's Plaza Hotel
Q. What is the difference between English High Tea and Afternoon Tea? ES

A. So here's the deal on High Tea.  It is NOT the elegant affair with cucumber sandwiches, scones and dainty cakes - that is Afternoon Tea (2-5pm).

High Tea is more of a supper which includes some kind of savory dish - anything from fish and chips to Shepherd's Pie - always served with bread and butter, followed by a simple dessert. Served from 5-7pm.

The Source? Afternoon Tea in Britain:  "Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford is often credited with the invention of the tradition of afternoon tea in the early 1840's. Traditionally dinner was not served until 8:30 or 9:00 in the evening and the Duchess often became hungry, especially in the summer when dinner was served even later. She ordered a small meal of bread, butter, and other niceties, such as cakes, tarts, and biscuits, to be brought secretly to her boudoir. 

When she was exposed she was not ridiculed, as she had feared, but her habit caught on and the concept of a small meal, of niceties and perhaps tea, became popular and eventually known as "afternoon tea." Obviously the origins of the well known British tradition of afternoon tea cannot be credited to only one woman, but evolved over a period of time, as many cultural customs do." 

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