Christopher Kimball of America's Test Kitchen Chicken Stock!

I saw this comment from Christopher Kimball of America's Test Kitchen fame regarding chicken stock.

"Instead of using Eurocentric techniques that rely on concentrating flavors through long applications of heat, Mr. Kimball is exploring ways to build dishes that rely on texture, spice and freshness. Instead of making chicken stock like a frugal French cook who simmers bones and scraps for hours, why not boil a whole chicken for just an hour like a Chinese cook, using ginger, scallions and herbs to elicit a more delicate flavor?" (NY TIMES)

While I do use this technique when making Asian dishes, the flavors don't work when making something like chicken pot pie.  For that you want a rich chicken stock which is best accomplished with long, slow simmering.  See my recipe for chicken pot pie which gives the instructions for the stock (video here).

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